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With this face, Roy mahal, kabahan ka na. :p

Today’s blog entry is about pet-peeves. Have you heard of this word before? Well, pet-peeve is something that uniquely annoys you. There are common annoyances like a choppy line or a snail-slow internet connection but a pet-peeve is an irritation that others can just simply ignore and be totally unaffected while you on the other hand can’t just endure or even stand the thought of.

Can you relate?

For those curious, I will be sharing mine.

Cigarette smoke – an absolute turnoff! For some reason, I can smell it from afar. I can detect if the person next to me has been smoking by the air that surrounds him – the stink of his breath and clothes. Or the discoloration and dryness in his lips, the yellowish front teeth and the hoarse voice. For a person like me who is barely aware of her surroundings, my superpowers are activated as reaction to cigarette smoke.  (I have this friend who easily spots cute guys while we are busy chatting, and I’m like “Ha, who, where?” kind of oblivious )

Once my nose gets in contact with smoke, I will hold my breath til I’m sufficiently distant from that person. On some occasions, I will start coughing and my general mood for the day is adversely affected. Suffice it to say that I would not have married the hubby had he been a smoker.

Roy and I like to have secret codes for many things and a code for a smoking person in <100m is one of them. This is a warning sign that I need to start to cover my nose or hold my breath as we enter “danger zone”.

Incorrect spelling – This got me into a big trouble in my first job. I could not help myself (a compulsive force) but edit the spelling in an audit file which was already “closed” in Aura. Now the golden rule in audit documentation is NOT to change anything because it would show in changes history. A revision after a file was closed is a big RED flag to the auditor of the auditor (yes, there is such a person/entity). So yeah,  a few hours later I found myself inside the partner’s office, with my senior, shaking uncontrollably in fear as I narrate my silly offense, asking for forgiveness while silently praying “Lupa, kainin mo ako.”

Incorrect grammar/pronunciation – I’m not exactly a grammar nazi nor would I say that I ace my English 101 but the hubby knows just exactly where to tick the buttons. He manages to terrorize me every chance he gets. For example, he will deliberately say, “Mahal, thank you for being *patience* with me” in a cunningly sincere voice. He knows the right word is obviously *patient* but he does it every time just for the depraved pleasure of seeing me annoyed.

I guess the person closest to us is able to reveal more (and take advantage) of our pet-peeves.

I am not so looking forward.

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