Today’s challenge is about discussing one’s current relationship.

Marriage is a multi-faceted relationship and there’s just much to be discussed.

So I have decided to share my views and convictions about marriage.

  1. Marriage is HOLY. Whatever God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Asunder is an archaic word for “apart”. This conviction itself serves as an umbrella for all other consequent views.
  2. Hence, I do not believe in divorce or separation or annulment. We need to work it out. If and when the time comes that I do not have any affections for him or I detest him, I promised my husband that still I will never leave him. I don’t judge others who are planning to separate or are already separated. There are a lot of unknown events yet to unfold to test the bond and the grit of each other. Our prayer is that God will hold us both in His hands when we no longer do.545764
  3. I believe that marriage is the union of MALE and FEMALE only. (To my gay friends, I love you still.)
  4. Parental blessing in who to marry is extremely important. My friend, if you are single and considering someone, please do not take lightly the voice of your Papa and Mama. I know some people who are suffering in their marriages partly because they have not heeded his/her parents’ counsel.maxresdefault
  5. Marriage is a COVENANT. First with God and second to your spouse. Stick to it.
  6. Marriage is a PARTNERSHIP. You share not just the gains but also the losses. Both partners should be active, not a secret or sleeping partner nor just a capital partner.
  7. Marriage is like a GARDEN. Neglect it and it will die. Nourish it and it will bloom. In the Song of Songs, Solomon’s lover, the Shulammite woman requested her beloved to catch the little foxes that damage their vineyard. The foxes represent problems which appear little in the beginning but do inflict harm on the vineyard (marriage) in the long term. It could be in the form of miscommunication, petty quarrels, irritable tones and unforgiving spirit. So, as she said, “Darling, quick, catch the little foxes”.


  8. Marriage is not the end in itself. Months leading to the big day, I was listening to the podcast of You & Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis & Lisa Chan and I was stunned by their opening statement: “Marriage isn’t that great.” It is great but it’s not meant to last. (We’re all gonna die.) Their point is that they “want readers to picture marriage as a vehicle for mission, an opportunity for Christians to carry out our mission to make disciples of all the nations.” [JM]


Roy and I are still a few months into this season and surely we have tons to learn, mountains to conquer and oceans to cross. We are definitely looking forward to it. So help us, God. ♡♡♡

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