We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”  – Anais Nin



My husband used to tell me that I should have at least one unifying theme in this blog – say, food, books, finance or travel. Fashion is out of my league so not this one either. I told him that I can’t seem to stick to a single topic or theme. I guess he just learned to live with it. Sorry dear husband…

I started blogging in 2012 because I was trying to win Jayesslee concert tickets in Manila and a blog entry was a requirement. As it turns out, my blog has now become a medley of ideas that INSPIRE me or information that may HELP another person or just an event close to my heart that I want to RELIVE in my writing.

So yeah, that is essentially what I write in this pie of internet space.



Why do I put thoughts on paper?

Now, that is a more pressing question…

I believe that PURPOSE precedes CONTENT. Purpose dictates the essence of what you will write and that’s important to determine first because in your writing you will bare your soul.

I actually mentioned the reasons already but let’s try to expound it a bit further.

I write because I want to…

INSPIRE – to encourage people to take a certain course of action; to stir hope that another morning means another chance to do better, to be better.

INFORM – A few years back, getting an OEC used to be very difficult and time-consuming (esp a first-timer me that time),  so I wrote about my experience at the consulate so I could hopefully provide my fellow OFW friends insights on how to ace their way to getting that OEC.  (Note: I’ve seen improvements now and that’s good. Kudos to this government! #Du30)

DOCUMENT – I imagine that many, many years from now, I will be very old and my memory will fail me. I may forget wonderful events with friends and family and miss to share them to the next in the bloodline. I will try to hack that through this blog and someday if the internet is still alive (and I can still pay my domain dues LOL), I’ll give the kiddos a good laugh on the old times.



This is easy.

As to the venue, I pretty much write everywhere. In the house, I have a spot where I like to have my quiet time and write: my study table facing the window during the morning sunrise. I really like to bask in sunlight while I write. It’s melodramatic! I mean…I think of those moments and that space as sacred to me.

And I also write on the metro when I’m seated on the back and I make “muni-muni” as I watched the buildings and deserts.

So…why do you write?

3 thoughts on “DAY #1: WHAT, WHY & WHERE I WRITE

  1. I love this, Nymph ❤️ We almost have the PURPOSE! Reliving the moment and documenting it in case I get oldER and forgetful!

    Thanks for inspiring my morning 😊

  2. I love this, Nymph!! We almost have the same PURPOSE! Reliving the moments and documenting it in case I get caught up with age and weak memory 😩

    Thank you for inspiring my morning ❤️

    1. You’re welcome, Ruthie. 🙂 You inspire me as well. Sulat na usob ruth para we can read your (quiet time) entries too… <3

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