“J-o-y joy in my heart
Deep, deep down in my heart”
Today, this post is about joy. Joy is unique and different from happiness because while happiness is based on circumstances and possessions, joy is far deeper. It springs from our identity in Christ therefore is independent on external influences. Sure there are times when we feel emotionally down and drained but joy remains, regardless of what we feel at the present moment.
I received this material from Drake Mariani, the founder of MemLok Bible Memory System – a kind of app that helps people to efficiently and effectively memorize the Scriptures. I found that I share his insights on what joy is and what God’s Word says about it so I reckon I should place it here on the blog for future reference, rather than this profound piece get lost in the blackhole that is my email.

So…what is JOY?
Joy is a state of mind and an orientation of the heart. It is a settled state of contentment, confidence, and hope. It is something or someone that provides a source of happiness.
Joy appears 88 times in the Old Testament in 22 books; 57 times in the New Testament in 18 books.
As a Christian, you should always find reasons to be joyful.
Joy isn’t just a smile or a laugh. Joy is something that is deep within and doesn’t leave quickly.
When we have the joy of the Lord, we’ll know it and so will others.
Since joy is given by God and something that He wants us to have, we need to be joyful!
In addition to being joyful, we should let others have their joy and not bring them down when they are excited about good things. The only thing worse than not having joy is stealing someone else’s.
Spending eternity in Heaven with God, the saints, and the angels is incredible!
Today, choose joy!
Satan’s Lie
“The Bible wouldn’t actually promise I could know I was going to heaven.”
God’s Reply
“Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” – Luke 10:20 (NIV)
Today’s Motivation
“Today, I choose joy.”

2 thoughts on “TODAY I CHOOSE JOY!

    1. Awww brain…okay ra ka diha? I can offer you nothing but prayer. Nangayo ko n God na hatagan ka ug joy today, brain. Virtual hugsss!!!
      Regards ra kong baby Ellianne and wifey. 🙂

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