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Here are some information you may find helpful if you wish
to see the zoo for yourself and meet the peculiar animals we have come to adore.


.Location/ how to go
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Emirates Park Zoo is located at Al Bahia, north-east of Abu Dhabi city, 35km away from the capital on the way to Dubai. [VA]

It is quite far from the city center so I would recommend taking your own car or renting one. Taxi maybe around AED50+ if the first one is not possible. Should you insist to take the bus, lane numbers are 202,218 and 225. [DOT]



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emirates park zoo


What to do on Christmas Day?

Well, I badgered my family our family decided  to visit the local zoo – the Emirates Park Zoo.

Surprisingly, even the adults had a really good time based on the lively conversation we had in the car on our way back home. The hot topic was the peculiar animals and even the common ones that stood out and those that we saw for the first time.


1.. The white-haired goatWhatsApp Image 2016-12-26 at 12.19.44 PM

What a cute sheep!!! Or so I thought before I took a closer look into this goat’s name (which by the way I did not bother to take a photo of). As you can see, she has a white hair coat, short in length and is distinctively curly. Her drooping ears however are uniquely hairless. Her horns are curved downwards. She looks very much endearing, cute and friendly. As in other goats, she also feeds on grass which made the toddlers race in feeding her.



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There are many people I know who like to invest and capable of doing so and yet have not started. Most of them revealed that the reason for it is simply because they are unsure where to begin. The same is true for me when I started. Sure I have heard of the financial terms many times but as the saying goes, hearing is miles away different from actually doing it.

This post is about how I opened a mutual fund account.  First of all, I am no investment guru. I am an amateur trying to learn the ropes as I go through the process and this is my attempt to document my journey. I notice that when I write things down, the ideas become a little bit clearer instead of them being hazy concepts inside my head.

Keep in mind that my knowledge is little and skills (if any) are rudimentary. I am just an ordinary person who is excited to learn about investing because I am hooked by the idea of early retirement. (more…)

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My version of a chill-out night is sitting on the bed, my back leaning against the wall absorbed in a really good book on one hand and a nice, little drink on the other. But should an inspection occur, I could get myself into trouble.

As an expat, it must be known that there are an existing regulations on alcohol consumption in the UAE; each emirate having its own specific rules. For instance, in Dubai you can’t setup a table outside your residence and start the booze with your friends (this is common in the Philippines). You can’t possess alcohol even in the privacy of your home without a license! That’s how strict it is. Many manage to get away from this because (more…)

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May 6, 2016

Ahoy! Who does not love to take some time to rest and feel the open air in the sea? More so aboard a yacht with loud music and laughters of friends and family!

What was initially a plan to visit Emirates Palace became a first time experience on a yacht cruise!

This time we were joined by my very first friend and roommate here in UAE, Irene and her friend Mods. When I first arrived in Al Ain almost four years ago, we clicked right away and she cooks yummy menudo (that pretty much explains it ;). (more…)

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[Jesus speaking], “and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31The second is this: ‘Love yourneighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” -Mark 12:30-31

April 22,2016

Let’s face it. While Mader enjoyed her stay with us and our company, she missed our dearly beloved Inalad and her chats with our neighbors on a daily basis. So the prospect of meeting our Inalad friends who lives here in the UAE thrilled her immensely. She constantly reminded my sister to connect with the sisters Lotlot and Ate Jasmin so we could meet them. Their house is not exactly near ours (like 5-7 minutes walk) because their family lives in Baybay (Visayan for coast) near Uncle Nasing’s residence but in our bario, we still consider ourselves neighbors. We particularly love their hardworking mother Antie Sita who is very active both in their family’s livelihood and in church activities. Mader and Antie Sita are really good friends. (more…)

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Letter #3: Second temptation

24 October 2016

Dear Lord,

This morning I revisited Your second temptation and had a second closer look into it. I was a little surprise at the richness of what could be gleaned from a few set of passages that I kept on reading for the past couple of days.

After the enemy’s first attempt, he led you to a high place…probably a high mountain I guess some sort of like Mt. Everest, the kind that will give you the vantage point necessary so he could show you all the kingdoms of the world. I could not imagine now how the enemy did it (like a hologram perhaps…or some sort of screen flash) to show all the world powers. He appealed to Your eyes. “Look at all of this…,” he probably whispered. “All this authority and splendor, I can easily give this to You.” (more…)

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