May 6, 2016

Ahoy! Who does not love to take some time to rest and feel the open air in the sea? More so aboard a yacht with loud music and laughters of friends and family!

What was initially a plan to visit Emirates Palace became a first time experience on a yacht cruise!

This time we were joined by my very first friend and roommate here in UAE, Irene and her friend Mods. When I first arrived in Al Ain almost four years ago, we clicked right away and she cooks yummy menudo (that pretty much explains it ;). (more…)

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[Jesus speaking], “and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31The second is this: ‘Love yourneighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” -Mark 12:30-31

April 22,2016

Let’s face it. While Mader enjoyed her stay with us and our company, she missed our dearly beloved Inalad and her chats with our neighbors on a daily basis. So the prospect of meeting our Inalad friends who lives here in the UAE thrilled her immensely. She constantly reminded my sister to connect with the sisters Lotlot and Ate Jasmin so we could meet them. Their house is not exactly near ours (like 5-7 minutes walk) because their family lives in Baybay (Visayan for coast) near Uncle Nasing’s residence but in our bario, we still consider ourselves neighbors. We particularly love their hardworking mother Antie Sita who is very active both in their family’s livelihood and in church activities. Mader and Antie Sita are really good friends. (more…)

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Letter #3: Second temptation

24 October 2016

Dear Lord,

This morning I revisited Your second temptation and had a second closer look into it. I was a little surprise at the richness of what could be gleaned from a few set of passages that I kept on reading for the past couple of days.

After the enemy’s first attempt, he led you to a high place…probably a high mountain I guess some sort of like Mt. Everest, the kind that will give you the vantage point necessary so he could show you all the kingdoms of the world. I could not imagine now how the enemy did it (like a hologram perhaps…or some sort of screen flash) to show all the world powers. He appealed to Your eyes. “Look at all of this…,” he probably whispered. “All this authority and splendor, I can easily give this to You.” (more…)

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Letter #2: First triumph

20 October 2016

Dear Lord,

God, today this afternoon I read again Matthew 4:1-4 which talks about your first temptation and I realised further that the temptation was more than just hunger. It was also tempting You Lord Jesus to exercise Your power at that time- but that was not the right time to do it. It was not the will of our Heavenly Father for you to manifest Your divinity for it will forfeit what the Father desires. He desires that You may become our intercessor, our mediator towards Him, our ambassador towards Heaven. Not just an ambassador who is clueless about our struggles but one who is familiar with our infirmities and therefore can properly represent us. In this testing, You know us through and through, in an actual fleshly experience level. (more…)

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16 April 2016

I really feel grateful to our hosts, Bro. Anthony’s family. They brought us to Masdar City, a green city within Abu Dhabi. Masdar is an eco-city, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company which in turn is owned by the Abu Dhabi government. In short, Abu Dhabi owns Masdar. Since this is a mega-community, there are school (Masdar Institute), cafes, restaurants, apartments and business offices. The miniature display shows that they are still in the phase one of the development and more structures are soon to rise. (more…)

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Letter #1: First temptation

19 October 2016

Dear Lord,

I thank You for Your Word tonight and the opportunity to be alone and spend time with Your presence. My heart is glad. The words feel so alive and pierce through my very being. Tonight I studied about your first temptation that was recorded in the Scripture. This happened after you got baptized – an emotional and spiritual high – God the Father declaring His great joy and pleasure over You.

Then the testings came.

The Holy Spirit compelled you to go to a solitary place far from your family, BFFs and close friends and followers.
Was it hard Lord? I mean, You were human and God simultaneously during your earthly life. I wonder how it felt.

But the feeling of being tested – it is all too familiar with me. (more…)

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Counting cash … Photo credit

Whether you are an employee, self-employed or entrepreneur, the money you earn is not out of sheer luck but hard-earned. Read: long work hours, extra miles, difficult bosses/colleagues/employees, etc. And I’m sure that one of your financial goals this year is to improve your finances. And rightly so. Our productive years in abroad are not forever so it is but crucial to be wise in managing our finances. More importantly, money is a test of stewardship as every dirham earned is entrusted to us by GOD who gave us the ability to produce wealth.#notetoself

I have made a list of my tried (and happily tested) ways to save money in my routine activities. Read on below. Number 4 is my favorite because I enjoy doing it very much with my friends and family! (more…)

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