My version of a chill-out night is sitting on the bed, my back leaning against the wall absorbed in a really good book on one hand and a nice, little drink on the other. But should an inspection occur, I could get myself into trouble.

As an expat, it must be known that there are an existing regulations on alcohol consumption in the UAE; each emirate having its own specific rules. For instance, in Dubai you can’t setup a table outside your residence and start the booze with your friends (this is common in the Philippines). You can’t possess alcohol even in the privacy of your home without a license! That’s how strict it is. Many manage to get away from this because (more…)

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Smoothies 2
Cherry banana delight

In all likelihood, you must have your own version of healthy habits resolution this 2016. Mine translates to eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and sleeping earlier (this means before 12mn, if I’m a good girl probabaly before 11pm). It took me quite awhile to understand my body and until now I am still learning. I noticed that I am most productive (assuming a full dinner) at 8PM – 10PM; if I have nothing to do, my brain will be looking for something to do – something most of us do to pass time – scrolling on our Facebook feeds. (Not most helpful to Philippine economy)

I observe that it takes a lot of will power and effort and money to create and establish a healthy lifestyle not to mention strict self-discipline especially at the beginning. Ah…self-discipline – something I thoroughly lack I suppose because sleeping early is a constant battle for me. As for eating healthier, I took a step by making my first major purchase this 2016 – a Panasonic blender (I shall call her Panny from this day forward). She’s sleek and efficient and surprisingly easy to clean (this was something I dread while contemplating the purchase) and relatively affordable – I got her for AED79. (Not really bad 😉 ) (more…)

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In the middle of last year, I made a mental note of an eating mission; to embark in a food adventure. The end of 2015 had come and it remained as a mental note. I was too lazy/busy that I just defaulted to known, tried and tested favorites.

On the occasion of our first year anniversary, I forced Roy to agree Roy and I agreed to try Eat Greek at Mall of the Emirates (MOE). I have long since heard positive reviews from acquaintances and magazine features so this was something I really looked forward to visit.  (more…)

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The Cheesecake Factory is best known for their to-die- for cheesecakes and big portions and quite a pricey menu. Here’s my take in our recent dining experience.

The Place

In three occasions I have visited the restaurant and the first thing that commands notice upon entrance is how spacious the entire place and organised the seats are. The staff are well groomed, friendly and courteous. Speed of service is commendable.

In Dubai, they have three branches – Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates (MOE) and Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR).

Situated beside Ski Dubai, the MOE branch is I think very strategically located. (more…)

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Shabu-shabu classic…

No love is more sincere than the love for food.

There is this wonderful place in Dubai Marina where their shabu-shabu is the best. For this year, I’ve visited it thrice already. I’ve been bragging about it to my friends and I really wish I could bring my sister there. I’m sure she too will love it as much as I do. (more…)

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I didn’t expect that it would be quite stressful to move in to a new flat – especially that I implemented an installment strategy. And the more I realised that when I get stressed, my body…errr my tummy would get ever so demanding for a good treat.

So the gang – Earl and Rowell – friends from church and I decided for shabu-shabu for dinner. I actually had another place in mind but this one is closest to where we are so off we go. This leads me to one of the crucial criteria in respect of choosing the place to eat – LOCATION especially when the eaters are voraciously hungry. And voraciously hungry I was. HAHAHA

image (more…)

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